Jerry Brown Electronic Town Meetings
Brown volunteers had been conversing with people on-line since about February 1992.  The campaign found this form of communication useful in identifying people who wanted to help.  Eventually Brown himself participated in at least two on-line forums.  Below are transcripts of a) a March 29 on-line "town meeting" with Brown and staff on GEnie Public Forum and b) a May 13 moderated conference with Brown and staff on CompuServe.  For both Brown took questions directly and staff fielded questions before he arrived and after he left.  By late March, the Democrat contest had boiled down essentially a two-person race between Brown and Clinton.
Russ Singer, a campaign volunteer, arranged the March 29 event.  While participants waited for Brown to arrive at his New York headquarters, Singer answered questions from the campaign's national headquarters in Santa Monica, aided by staffer Lisa Fredsti.  Brown himself fielded five questions before heading off to his next event; he addressed affirmative action, Jesse Jackson as his running mate, his flat tax proposal, trade, and his ability to work with Congress.  Likewise in the May 13 event Singer and Fredsti answered questions before Brown jumped on with a comment on education; he then made an opening statement and fielded 14 questions; topics included the flat tax, media coverage, the space program, the nominating process, the possible Perot candidacy, the military budget, how he could win, computer communications, taxes, global warming, and UFOs.

Electronic Town Meeting
Presidential Candidate Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown, Jr.
and members of his campaign staff
 (March 29, 1992)
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This file is the transcript of a real‑time on‑line conference in Genie's Public Forum with Jerry Brown and his staff answering questions from Genie subscribers.  Some questions were submitted in advance; the transcript has been edited for clarity.
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<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  We're waiting for Governor Brown to arrive in his NY headquarters . . . Could you tell us the latest estimate from NY?
<[Howard] HORO>    Howdy, folks. I'm at Brown HQ in NY, and they say "within 10 minutes"
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  If you have a question that you'd like to discuss while we're  waiting, would you /RAIse your hand, please.
<[Howard] HORO>  Traffic is, surprisingly, heavy in Manhattan tonight :)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  J.REA1, what' s your question?
<J.REA1>  What would be the odds of later on getting a full‑fledged debate between the various candidates here?
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  We're doing our best to get other candidates. If you've connections in other campaigns, do ask them. J.BARBEE,  your question
<J.BARBEE>  What exactly is JB's stand on the education program?
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  About 30 people have raised their hands. So be a mite patient :‑) We'll ask the Governor about education when he  arrives. Fairweather, your question?
<[David] FAIRWEATHER>      How will the advance questions be handled and how many do you have?
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  More than 100 extraordinary questions were asked!
We've selected several at random to begin with, then we'll give people a chance to ask questions live from the floor. Roger Johnson, your question?
<[Roger] R.JOHNSON44>      Would Brown consider running as an independent candidate if things don't work out?
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Roger, that's a question on the list! You peeked!
Bruce, your question?
<[Bruce] B.GOLDSTEIN4>      how do we ask questions from the floor after the prearranged questions are asked
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Bruce, good question ... We'll do just what we're doing                     now . . . giving people a chance to /RAIse their hands to ask a question. Lee, your question?
<LEE.VAN.NUYS>      yes, in view of the "Willie Horton" ads, how would the Gov combat                     criticism of his appointment of Rose Bird?
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Maybe we could ask the folks at Brown HQ to answer these questions until the Governor arrives.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  OK... thanks... we're at Brown HQ in Santa Monica...
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Thanks Russ. Would you say a word about Brown's education policy first?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Brown puts a major emphasis on education, specifically on public education. However, he feels that it should be handled at the local level more than now... He wants to eliminate the federal Dept. of Ed. He also feels that current funding methods are inherently unfair, and wants to use federal grants to even up funding in poor areas. He is strongly for the use of technology to augment education, including computers in classrooms and use of public broadcasting Word here in Santa Monica is that arrival in NY will be momentary...
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Russ, another question was . . . in view of the "Willie Horton" ads, how would the Gov combat criticism of his appointment of Rose Bird?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Most criticism of Rose Bird has revolved around her opposition to the death penalty. Jerry Brown is morally opposed to the death penalty, and I feel confident he would         answer that way.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Wendysue, your question?
<WENDYSUE>  Russ, you said that Brown is morally opposed to the death penalty... Isn't he also "morally opposed" to abortion? Will he defend that issue in the same manner? done
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Governor Brown believes that a woman's right to choose is absolute. Consult NARAL's summary if you need documentation (Lisa Fredsti at Brown Headquarters)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Jax, your question?
<[Colorado Jax] JAX>  Whether your campaign is successful or not, you could do America an historical service by choosing a major public forum and denouncing the "Drug War" unequivocally as the hysteria-mongering that it is.  Your statement at University of Colorado on the forfeiture laws was good, but what we need is a candidate who will come out at state the truth: The "Drug War" is a fascist revolution aimed not at drugs (since it's being run by people who encouraged the Contras to smuggle cocaine) but rather aimed square at the Bill of Rights.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Jax, I didn't see the question mark <grin>
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Governor Brown has said that the drug war is a phony war, a smokescreen that is increasingly used as "an all‑out assault on our civil liberties," to quote the man himself (fredsti at Brownland)
<[Colorado Jax] JAX>  It's a real enough war, just ask its victims. It's just not about drugs.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  You got it, Jax! (fredsti at brownland)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  An ANNOUNCEMENT. . . . We've just been told that Gov Brown's plane landed at Laguardia about 20minutes ago . . . and his police escort should have him at HQ in anoather 20 minutes.... I'm sorry (you don't KNOW) for the delay, but I think we'll begin formally at 10pm ET
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  we'll be happy to field questions in the meantime
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Until then we'll accept Russ's offer to field questions....
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Our deputy Press Secretary, Tom Pier, is here to answer ?'s as well (fredssti)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  And the transcript will be available in our library ASAP. If you leave now, there's no guarantee that you can get back in though 'cause we're pretty close to maximum last time I looked. I'm sorry that I can't guarantee you a seat if you leave now. At the moment, there are 30 empty seats or so. OK, it's back to questions from the floor.... Hang on a sec while I get the list. T.Perry, your question?
<[finger_man] T.PARRY1>      I'd like to ask the HQ about the 13/13 tax plan. 1. Does it have enough congressional support?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Go for it...
<[finger_man] T.PARRY1>      2. Will traditional tax‑m‑later shelters such as 401K & IRAs still be shelters?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  1. It strikes at the heart of Congressional fundraising in return for special interest deductions and benefits. It will take a popular groundswell much like our nomination to put it over the top.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  2. There are no provisions in the current plan to extend tax‑free benefits for current earnings (other than Social Security payments). We've now got our scheduling manager here as well... anyone who wants to request appearances by the Governor, let us know... <g>
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Paul and Cathy, your question?
<[Paul & Cathy] P.COLLINS> (We're volunteering for Brown in SF) We would more specific info on the flat tax. Who are the economists who have made favorable statements about it? (GA)
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Milton Friedman is the main one. There are lots of others. Have you seen the report from the National Center for Policy Analysis?
<[Paul & Cathy] P.COLLINS> no we havent
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  P.S. the CItizens for tax justice quoted ad naseum on network                 Television is a group founded by Clinton's current campaign manager ga
<[Paul & Cathy] P.COLLINS> (but we will!)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Vixen, your question?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  I'll put some quotes from the report up in 12/31 after the conference... ga
<[Vixen] N.MILLMAN2>      What is the governor's view on foreign aid generally?ga
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Foreign aid is extremely important and is minor in dollar amount compared to what we spend on defense.  However, our first priority has to be attending to the needs of the  "foreigners" in our own country, the millions of Americans who have been left out of the system ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  J.FREDA, your question?
<[Joe] J.FREDA2>  I’d like to know how Jerry Brown feels about the law passed in florida regarding wrestling, and will it become a national law?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Do you have any more information? I'm not aware of that one..
<[Joe] J.FREDA2>  Well, it has to do with wrestling being sanctioned as sports or  entertainment well as other aspects of the law
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  and... We can't tell you how he feels if we don't know what it is (fredsti, hereafter known as "fred")
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  A.Rosario, your question?
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Are there going to be any questions about the Gov's plans for the environment? ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Russ, why don't you tell us a little about his environmental policies?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Is there a specific question regarding the environment you'd like to raise? (fred) ga
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      recycling? ga
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  During his tenure as governor of California, Brown pioneered recycling and alternative energy programs‑ the wind generation industry originated during his administration. he is opposed to nuclear power plants and emphasizes the need to wean ourselves from our fossil fuel addiction ‑ global warning threatens life on earth as we know it ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  John Berentson, your question?
<[John] J.BERENTSON>   What is Brown's view on the Brady Bill? ga
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Brown supports the seven day wait advocated in the Brady bill ga
<[John] J.BERENTSON>    Thanks done
<[Fritz (KY)] F.GUTWEIN>  Since Gov. B. is the only candidtate who attended seminary, I would like to know which theologian and book of the bible influences him most.
<[Robert] R.CAMPBELL29>   I understand the a likely choice for VP is Jesse Jackson.                     What are the qualifications of Rev. Jackson that made him the choice? Also, since the Gov. is morally opposed to the dealth  penalty AND also for more power to the people, will he lobby to change the laws of the nation or states to outlaw the death penalty, and if so what does he plan to do with the swelling prison population that is on death row?  Thank you. <end>
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  I'm afraid that's one that will have to be saved for Jerry. Don't have that info here... Robert ‑ Reverand Jackson has single handedly brought more people into the election process through registration, etc. than anyone else. I'm sure Jerry would have more on that subject.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  T.PARRY, your question?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  In terms of prison population, Brown keeps pointing out that  the 60% recidivism rate means that, for every prison you build for 1,000 people, you end up building another one for 600 He's in favor of attacking root causes in neighborhoods, with education, job training and enterprise zones to get the cause out. GA
<[finger_man] T.PARRY1>      I have a couple questions for JB... that I don't think his HQ can answer... thanz
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  R.GRATRIX, your question?
<R.GRATRIX>   How familiar is JB with this media,and who initiated this get together?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Russ SInger initiated it; let's praise him to the skies (fred at HQ) ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  J.Loomis, your question?
<[At Brown HQ] HORO>  Breaking in here ‑‑‑ the Advance People have just started arriving from the airport.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  he's blushing; take my word for it ! :) (fred) ga
<[At Brown HQ] HORO>   The governor is expected momentarily.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Paul and Doug, your question?
<[Paul&Doug] P.HENRY>   Yes... #1, how long will the Governor be speaking to us, Tom? and... #2, an article in the San Jose Me5cury News this morning said that in 1988, Gov. Brown told Mother Teresa that he feels that abortion is "crazy". How can he reconcile this with his claim to support abortion rights? (done)
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  governor brown supports the woman's absolute right to choose ‑ he said the number of abortions that take place in the world is crazy, and that abortion is not the best method of birth control ga
<[Eric Stone] E.STONE4>   What amendments to the Constitution does Gov. Brown favor, and what are his feelings about a Constitutional Convention?
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  he favors the ERA ‑ we think he's in favor of a Constitutional convention, but you'd best ask him ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Nightwind, your question?
<[CWO3] NIGHTWIND>      Answered from above dialogue..but comment...
<[CWO3] NIGHTWIND>      Drug war is no smoke screen when ‑I‑ get shot at working with DEA in Providinciales / Turks and caicos; drug smuggling is live, real, and proliferic.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  I think that is a good sign. The BROWN.92 account will be Jerry. nobody denies that drug smuggling is a serious problem, just that we're avoiding dealing with its root causes ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  L.Faust, your question?
<L.FAUST2>   Tom Pier &/or Russ, what is Gov. Brown's position on NASA and the space program? Any position on privitization of the space program? Scheduling Mgr, please request appearance at the U of Florida, Gainesville, FL. ASAP <g> DONE
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  Governor Brown favors space program, position is in the Public Forum library ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Brett, your question?
<[Brett] B.WOOLDRIDG1>      I'd like to ask Jerry this but, in light of the bad press of the 13/13 tax plan (Jerry's weakest plank) is it possible that Jerry will (should!) revise his tax plan to fix its flaws? Keep it simple, but adopt some of Prof. Hall's ... proposals such as an exemption of the first $16,000? And maybe a %19 rate for incomes over $100,000? ga
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  If we can prove that another way of implementing the flat tax will be more fair than our proposal, of course we will revise in that light ga
<[Brett] B.WOOLDRIDG1>       Thanks.
<[Russ [BFP]] R.SINGER4>  obviously we are not going to do anything that will hurt low or middle income people ‑ that's why we want to eliminate the current tax code with its loopholes for the rich and powerful (fred) ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Dave Jacobs, your question?
<PRESS1>   Hi, First Jerry is here and will be joining us momentarily. Second, is there a                     chance that Jerry will join us in Compuserve in the near future?

<BROWN.92>         Hello folks

<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Governor, let me welcome you and then give you the floor                 Welcome to this historic GEnie Public Forum online meeting  with Presidential candidate Jerry Brown! Before we begin, a few words of thanks and explanation. People from all over the country have submitted hundreds of questions for Governor Brown in advance. Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful and provocative questions. (We've combined and shortened questions to ask as many as possible.)  The room will be "listen only" at the beginning so that the Governor can answer some of the question submitted in advance. We hope to have time later for you to ask questions from the floor.

                            We want to thank Russ Singer, a volunteer with the campaign, who arranged this online meeting, posted the Governor's policy statements in our file library and answered questions     ELECTIONS '92, bulletin board category 12.

                            And now we're delighted to welcome former California  Governor and Presidential candidate Jerry Brown. Perhaps you'd like to begin with a comment and then we'll get to the questions.  (Go Ahead)

<BROWN.92>                   Let's get moving. We have a coiuntry to take back!

                                  The point of this campaign is to empower the people of this country to take back what is rightfully theirs‑‑their democracy. The media and the decrepit politics that still governs will try to turn this contest into a personality clkash. But the stakes are much higher than Clinton or Brown. What is to be decided is whether this country shall be governed by the people or manipulated by an increasilngly separated and out of touch elite. GA

<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Now Public Forum sysop Ric Helton will ask the questions submitted in advance. Governor, when you've finished your answer, would you type GA (for Go Ahead) to let us know that you're ready for the next question? Thanks! GA

<[Ric] GRAFFITI>   Governor Brown, I have a number of questions that were submitted in advance by email and they identify which forum member asked the question. Here we go:

<*>                               Fuad Aziz: What is your opinion of Affirmative Action? GA

<BROWN.92>                  Necessary to remedy the effects of discrimination and to help us create a community and nation which will work for all of us.

<*>                               Jo Ann Klein: Why did you choose Jesse Jackson as your running mate? What has he concretely done to prove his political abilities? GA

<BROWN.92>                    Jackson has won more than 7 million votes and has traveled widely in the world and has been a leader in the civil rights struggle which still continues as the major challenge facing our nation. Unless we heal the divisions between black and white in this country we cannot continue as a free and expanding democracy.

<*>                               Jerry Jordan, Jeff Andrews, Robert Thompson and others ask for a more detailed explanation of your tax proposals: Will the 13% flat personal tax and 13% VAT tax you propose increase taxes on the poor and benefit the highest wage earners? How can your tax proposal lower the national debt? GA

<BROWN.92>                    The 13% tax on individuals replaces most of the federal tax code and lowers the tax on everyone. It is progressive because we provide a deduction for rent, mortgage intgerest and  charity. Such deductions are not available against the present payroll tax which we eliminate. A significant part of the tax burden is shifted to business in the form of a 13% tax. The         majority of capital ownership is in the hands of the rich. Thus, this business tax will fall most heavily on those with the highest incomes.  Unlike the present business tax of 35%, deductions will be allowed only for purchases of material land equipment incurred in running a business. In effect this gives a 100% write off for purchasing new equipment, thus stimulating growth through saving and investment. Despite wso some media commentary to the contrary, this plan is fair, progressive and  will give the lift to the economy that will benefit all Americans.                     GA

<*>                               Al Date: you know perfectly well that trade barriers are harmful to the general economy. If you would walk into Michigan and start talking protectionism to win the votes of               car‑workers, how can we trust anything you say?? GA

<BROWN.92>                    YOU SHOULD WALK INTO THE STATES THAT I HAVE  BEEN IN AND SEEN THE MEN AND WOMEN LOSING THEIR JOBS AFTER HAVING WORKED SO HARD TO BUILD THIS COUNTRY.  I WILL NOT STAND BY SILENTLY WHILE WHOLE COMMUNITIES  ARE DEVASTED BY THE EXPORT OF JOBS TO CHEAP LABOR MARKETS. WE WANT EXPANDED TRADE,  BUT LIKE GERMANY WE MUST FIRST PROTECT OUR LABOR MARKETS AND WAGE STANDARDS. The people making the trade rules in Washington are not threatened with the loss of their jobs but raise their pay no matter what happens to so many of their fellow citizens.  We must devise ways to modernize our industry and reinvest at home and  retrain our workers for a high pay‑‑high productivity society.                     GA

<*>                               Many people ‑‑ including Joanna Adler, Paul Carpenter,  Cynthia Primeau, Newton Caldwell, Clint Perkins and others  ask: After continually criticising Congress, how do you expect to work with them to enact ANY of your plans ‑‑ especially the tax plan? GA

<BROWN.92>                    Look. Nothing much is happening now. Millions are in despair and in fear of their future income security.  My campaign is  about empowering ordinary people to take back the governing of their country. It is a "WE THE PEOPLE" movement that will not stop in November but will continue to pressure and  organize until this government c

<[At Brown HQ] HORO>   Horo here ... The Governor is being whisked to another appointment as we speak :( He's gone. I'm now sitting alone  alone in a room that had 50 people in it a second ago.
                            Thanks, all!
<BROWN.92>          ** has left.

<[Ric] GRAFFITI>          Russ, we have a number of questions.... ...we will
              forward them along to your account. Can you see oif
              the Governor could find time to answer them, then
              possibly let us post them in the PF*NPC Library?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> If anyone is still hanging around, we can try to
              take some of them here...
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Let's see if we can take a few more questions from
              folks here . . . EVERYONE has raised his/her hand at
              one time or another..... OK, OK, HOLD IT. I can't
              write that fast!!!! I'm going to start where I left
              off . . . N.Bly, do you have a question?
<HORO>              Folks, they just whisked him outta here ‑‑
               Just for the record, folks, that WAS Governor Brown,
              actually typing on this Macintosh Laptop
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> We're still here in Santa Monica...
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  OK, I see some broken keyboards out there . . . Jeff
              Andrews, your question?
<[JEFF!] M.ANDREWS11>     Yes I was wondering what he thinks of the Japanese..
                          and if he plans on making any stops in Minnesota
                           in the future before the primary! GA
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Thanks Jeff
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Jerry spent some time studying in Japan, and has a
              tremendous amount of respect for their culture. He
              is strongly anti Japan bashing, and places the blame
              for trade problems with the corporate leaders of
              this country.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Russ, did you see Jeff's question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> At this point, there are no trips planned back to
              Minnesota... GA
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  J. BARBEE, your question?
<J.BARBEE>          With the ADA in effect as of this year, what will
              the Brown administration propose for the education
              of children with special needs?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> By ADA I presume you mean the attendance based
              reimbursement policy. Brown is in favor of block
              grants and broadbased funding that can be used at
              local discretion, in combination with national
              standards for education.
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  B.WRight, your question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> He says that a major problem with education today
              is the level of bureaucracy needed to file reports
              with grant and funding agencies that set specific
              requirements. GA
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  L.Faust, your question?
<B.WRIGHT16>          What about health insurance, specifically perople
              losing polcies because they change jobs, and can't
              conti ue their insurance with new employer or after
              retirement but before mdeicare? ga
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Governor Brown favors a national health care system
              with universal access, similar to that in Canada.
              Such a system will enable us to hold costs down by
              eliminating the role of for‑profit insurance
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  J.Groh, your question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> It will allow AMericans to choose their own
              physicians, hospitals and treatment options. If the
              president of general motors is in the same system as
              a street vendor, you can bet that the system will be
              a good one! ga
<J.GROH>          Could you explain a bit about hbow the flat tax
              system will work?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Russ, you take it (Fred) The flat tax is set up to
              replace current corporate and personal income taxes,
              the Social Security tax (both employer and emp‑ee),
              and a lot of little items like phone, gas and
              airline taxes
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Bill S., your question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> In place of that mess, we will substitute two
              simple taxes, a 13% on personal income and 13% on
              business value added. There are lots of details in
              the library here on PF, and in 12/31. GA
<[Bill] SCARBOROUG>      Do you support diversion of public money from
              nursing homes to community service?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Why would you divert money from one good cause to
              another? We support diverting money from the bloated
              defense budget into both long term health care and
              the Civilian Conservation Corps, which would be a
              community service provider and put lots of currently
              unemployed people to work. It worked in California,
              and it can work in the country as a whole. GA
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Carolyn, your question?
<[Carolyn] C.STEIN1>      What's Brown's position on funding higher education,
              graduate education, and university research? Also,
              what is his position on increased funding for a
              bicycle path system and increased
              telecommunications? telecommunications funding that
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> GOvenor Brown strongly favors funding for
              alternative transportation systems such as the bike
              path system that you propose he also wants to
              develop a "communications highway," a fiber optics
              system linking libraries and educational centers
              with individuals. He believes that the airwaves
              belong to the people ‑ we need to use the licensing
              function of the FCC to ensure that the airwaves are
              used for the public good And obviously funding
              higher education is top priority, specifically
              public education, which is the cornerstone of our
              society. ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Uni, your question?
<[Uni] BW.UNICORN>     What is Gov's position on
              DEFENDING the ADA against attacts already started?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Which ADA?
<[Uni] BW.UNICORN>      GA, And Thanks for all the work!
<[Uni] BW.UNICORN>      Americans With Disabilities Act.
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Re: communications question, you might recall that
              Jerry proposed a communications satellite for the
              state of California ‑ this was part of what gave him
              the "moonbeam" moniker ga Wait a sec, we are
              querying ga want to tell us about the attacks while
              we ask around? ga
<[Uni] BW.UNICORN>      "Business" Is squalling that it will be too costly.
              Wants it dumped, Or revised to take teeth out. This
              will increase as new provissions kick in over the
              next few years.
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> If business can afford to provide multi‑million
              dollar "golden parachutes" for their non‑productive
              CEOs, they can afford it! Jerry Brown appointed a
              disabled person to deal with these issues when he
              was Governor of California. ga
<[Uni] BW.UNICORN>      Thanks! End. ‑:)
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Kyle, your question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> He believes in inclusion, not discrimination! ga
<[Kyle] K.BARGER1>      I'd like to follow up on the FCC answer.. What
              specific changes does Mr. Brown have in mind (I
              assume from your answer he doesn;t think the current
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Oh, this just in ‑ as governor, he instituted 25
              thousand dollar tax decution for remodeling for
              handicpped access; created more than 25 living
              centers for the disabled ga
<[Kyle] K.BARGER1>      encourages "oublic serviuce" by the TV & radio
              stations ga
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> for one, we should have 24 hour government funded
              educational channels for all ages. Also, the FCC
              should mandate that stations provide time for
              candidates to discuss issues ‑ in depth! ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Bob T, your question?
<[Bob T.] R.THOMPSON27>      It seems to me that JB and Lyndon LaRouche have
              several ideas in common. What does Jerry think about
              LaRouche's situation, and would Jerry consult with
              Lyndon in the future? GA
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> What ideas do you think they have in common? ga
<[Bob T.] R.THOMPSON27>      The space program, fast trains, the CCC, etc.
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Well, Jerry's been supporting these ideas for
              years. I'm not that familiar with LaRouche's current
              situation, except that he's in jail
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  Paul, your question?
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> We hardly think that LaRouche would be an
              appropriate Brown
<[Paul] P.NANSON>      In the Democratic response to President Bush's
              "State of the Union," House Speaker Thomas Foley
              promised, should the Supreme Court overturn or
              severely restrict Roe v. Wade, that the Congress
              would pass a Federal abortion rights law. Would
              Jerry Brown sign such a bill,
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> Jerry Brown would propose it, let alone sign it. A
              woman's right to choose is absolute! ga
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  F.Moore, your question?
<F.MOORE7>          i was invstigated by sen jesse helms last year for
              my art. would you talk about the war on freedom of
              expression...that is brown's thoughts?ga
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> We hardly think that Jesse Helm's opinion on art
              should affect national art policy. Brown has said
              that art education is a major facet of his education
              program. Attacks on art by the right are just
              another tactic to strip us of our civil liberties.
<[David Dean] K.DEAN11>      IF JB/JJ GET ELCTED OR WHOMEVER HOW does that
              prevent another JFK or how will humanbings regain
              there country from BIG BROTHER/BIG$,ETC. ? I'M NOT
              caps. GA
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      I found a lot of the people's opinions here a lot
              more interesting than Mr. Brown himself!
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Why haven't there been more discussions on the
<[Paul] P.SMITH2>      The BEST crime policy is a good education policy.
              The purpose of education is not to make individuals
              economically competitive, but to make a nation
              capable voiceless). A business or other non‑academic
              education isn't going to do it!
              mr. brown's appearance?
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      For what it's worth, F.MOORE7, I think all art
              should be treated alike ‑‑ by abolishing the NEA! NO
              art should be paid for by the Government. That which
              the Government pays for, the Government controls.
<[RANDY] R.MONSON1>      What weakest areas of the economy would Jerry
              concentrate on repairing the most and what would be
              a few solutions to these trouble areas? Also what
              happened to Howard Stern? and any chance of Jerry
              coming to Sandy Hook National Park Hey Tom , nay
              idea what happene4d tJerry's stop and visit he
              promised Howard Stern? I figure he has been so
<[Psion] M.DELUCAII1>      Why has the Brown campaign been so neglected by the
              media, what is his current standing in the Demo
              race, and what can the Gov. do to correct the
              inadequacies of the current election process? [GA]
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  What does Mr. Brown think of Soviet Aid? What would
              he propose to help th government of Mr. Yeltsen and
              perserve Democracy in that part of the world?
<R.SINGER4>          While governor, brown abolished the old arts council
              and appointed a committee made up of artists, fyo
<[Mark] M.FERNANDEZ>      Thanks, Tom. Welcome back Russ. QUESTION: Brown said
              he wants to give the country back to the people, to
              empower the people again.
<[Mark] M.FERNANDEZ>      How does he plan to empower the people again when
              people pass laws and big‑money entities (like
              insurance companies) simply laugh in our faces by
              tying up these laws in court for years? I mean, prop
              103 was passed here in California years ago and
              absolutley nothing has come of it. How does Brown
              propose to help?
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Environment anyone?
<R.SINGER4>          Soviet Aid ‑ he's in favor of aid as long as it
              reaches the people and not just the bureaucracy. The
              time to help them is now.
<[Tom S] T.G.SEMPLE>      On foreign policy: does Brown favor the
              normalization of relations with countries like Cuba
              and Vietnam, and how would he "handle" Iraq? ga
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  That's good. It's a great insurance policy.
<G.HANDLON1>          Human environment: It's sad that the "Land of the
              FRee" is now the biggest jailer on Earth.
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      Here's the question I wanted to ask him:
<[T0M] T.PARRY1>      to [MARK]: two words‑‑"Constituional Convention."
<CHRIS.P>          and those that aren't jailed are walking around,
              homeless or on welfare
<R.SINGER4>          Iraq ‑ he has said that he would prefer economic
              boycott, but would not hesitate to use force to end
              their nuclear arms program, as long as it is under a
              UN auspice.
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Environment?

<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  One quick word and I'll open the room up again . . .
              I want to thank all of you for joining this historic
              discussion . . . and I hope we'll see you often in
              these RTCs and in the BB . . . There are lots of
              great political files in the library here, thanks to
              Russ and others . . . And now you can talk with Russ
              and others at Brown HQ . . . . Thanks to them too!!

<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      what are his thoughts on improving the condition of
              our public schools, and considering the rising
              tuition costs for colleges, does he have any plans
              to remedy these situations???
<[Paul] P.NANSON>      It has been stated 1) that Jerry Brown opposes the
              death penalty on moral grounds and 2) that Jerry
              Brown considers the woman's right to choose
              absolute. Is it a fair summary, then, that Jerry
              Brown feels that convicted murderers are more
              entitled to life than an unborn child?
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      "Mr. Brown, would you be willing to publically sign
              (and challenge your opponents to do likewise) a
              legally‑binding document, stating that all campaign
              promises you make from that time forth constitute a
              legally‑binding verbal contract between you and your
              voters, and that the voters could lauch a Breach of
              Verbal Contract suit against you if you fail to keep
              your promises? And if not, WHY NOT!?"
<R.SINGER4>          theres a file called jbissues.text in the library,
              for your edification and reading pleasure ga
<[Ric] GRAFFITI>      Russ: Does Brown support equal rights for lesbians
              and gay men, and if so to what extent? Domestic
              partnerships and/or marriage, lifting the ban on
              homosexuals in the military and the abolition of
              sodomy laws between consenting adults? GA
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  Anyone???! Adolf Hitler could've signed most of his
<R.SINGER4>          absolutely! Jerry brown supports gay rights as
              listed above ga
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      True, WW.
<[Ric] GRAFFITI>      Thanks.
<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      how about giving business incentive for LONG term
              R&D projects, especially those involing alternate
              fuels, etc...
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Why haven't we heard more about the environment?!
<[Paul] P.NANSON>      It has been stated 1) that Jerry Brown opposes the
              death penalty on moral grounds and 2) that Jerry
              Brown considers the woman's right to choose
              absolute. Is it a fair summary, then, that Jerry
              Brown feels that convicted murderers are more
              entitled to life than an unborn child?
<B.BOHN>          Police was suppose to serve the people not a hidden
<C.FINK6>          Even though Mr. Brown has announced Jesse Jackson as
              his running mate, how relavent is it since Jesse has
              not reacted, or has he?
<R.SINGER4>          we should have a national energy policy to develop
              alternative fuels, etc. Also deducting the full cost
              of material, supplies and equipment in the firs
              tyear is a pretty good incentive, no? He foavors a
              national civilian research center similar to the one
              we now have for defense ga Jesse has accepted,
              yesterday ga
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      What about issues like clear‑cutting the old growth
<[Paul] P.NANSON>      Thank you, but I would prefer the candidate's
<R.SINGER4>          We've clearcut enough old‑growth forests! we need to
              preserve what we have. When you clearcut a forest,
              you aren't just loosing some pretty trees ‑ you're
              disrupting an entire ecosystem ga
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  What about Brown's sitting on the board of a company
              that had an affiliation (don't know hat kind) with a
              company that has a phony anti‑AIDS drug?? About his
              accepting mucho money while California Democratic
              Party Chair? Isn't he a bit hypocritical? This
              bothers me greatly...
<G.HANDLON1>          Any specifics on a n approach to fenergy
              independence wthrough BioMass moversion for fuel?
<R.SINGER4>          There is a lot of debate in AIDS circles about
              ribaviran ‑ the drug in question I know HIV positive
              people who use it ‑
<J.JADERBERG>          What sort of leadership role would Gov. Brown hae
              taken in the Brazil conference?
<G.HANDLON1>          that's BioMass conversion for fuel....
<R.SINGER4>          also Brown was not directly connected with the
              company in question ga
<C.FINK6>          Does Mr. Brown really expect to capture enough
              delagates or is he hoping for a "bargaining at the
              convention? If so, what chances would he have with
              an establishment party that views heim as
<R.SINGER4>          Brown is going to the Brazil conference. He believes
              the US should be in the forfront in environmental
              protection, not bringing up the rear as under BUsh
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  But the day he tran for office was the day he
              refuted his "old ways".
<R.SINGER4>          Hey , there are a lot of big states left, and we
              have a good shot at winnning them ga
<[Antonio] A.ROSARIO4>      Thanks for this town meeting. I hope you do more
              before the elections. In fact I think Gov Brown owes
              us some more time.
<[Psion] M.DELUCAII1>      Here, here! I'd like to see more of Brown here!
<R.SINGER4>          we'll try to schedule more conferences like this one
<G.HANDLON1>          I believe this was a first for a Presidential
              Candidate to go online like this?
<[Brian] B.SUTTON1>      Maybe, as was mentioned earlier, he can post in the
<R.SINGER4>          Larry Agram went on compuserve ga
<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      what I want to see is a comprehensive statement on
              HOW he plans to turn the economy aruond, I've heard
              alot of ambiguous answers on this but nothing
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  And on GEnie, too.
<J.JADERBERG>          If Jerry Brown does not capture the Democratic
              nomination, will he consider a third party aproach?
<W.HAMMOND6>          bye
<R.SINGER4>          he has said that he wants to work within the
              framework of the Democratic party ga
<C.FINK6>          True, California and New York, but it is a
              tremendous disadvantage to overcome. Won't the party
              regulars be a major influence, especially the super
              delagates, in deciding if Mr. Brown cannot beat the
<G.HANDLON1>          WEll, George Bush tried it, but Millie was chewing
              on the phone line...and Dan Quarl kept yelling "I
              want to type now, it's my tutrn!" haahaha
<R.SINGER4>          Absolutely, Cfink. It's up to all of us to do what
              we can ga
<R.SINGER4>          But look, we've already overcome tremendous odds
              getting as far as we have, with hundred dollar limit
              on individual contributions and virtually no media
              coverage until recently ga
<G.HANDLON1>          This has been a trendous campgain
<[Psion] M.DELUCAII1>      How's the Brown campaign doing?
<R.SINGER4>          What he's saying about empowerment isn't just
              rhetoric, all of us working on the campaign are
              proof! I can't believe the opportunities that I've
              personally had to really have an impact here! Try it
              guys and gals! (lisa fredsti) ga
<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      I like most of his ideas, but I think at this point
              we need a RADICAL restucturing of the federal gov't,
              to much spent, not near enough acomplished...
<R.SINGER4>          The Brown campaign is doing great! We are having a
              lot of fun, and we're really making a difference in
              the national agenda ga
<C.FINK6>          I have much respect for Mr. brown's tactics and
              tenacity. However, to have to not only overcome a
              more "typical" candidate like Clinton *and* overcome
              those in power of the party, seems quite a difficult
<[T0M] T.PARRY1>      [r.singer4]: Brown spends alot, ALOT of time bashing
              B Clinton. Why doesn't he just point out B.
              Clinton's similarities to Qayle and leave it at
              that? ie. Clinton==Qualye...'nuff said.
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      R.SINGER4, I'm all for empowerment of the people and
              depowerment of the Government and special interests.
              Mr. Brown's proposed methods, however, are in many
              cases ill‑conceived and ill‑informed. He said many
              things tonight (in only 40 minutes!) that are just
              plain wrong.
<J.JADERBERG>          Jerry's position on the 100$ contibu
<R.SINGER4>          It will depend on the willingness of a lot of people
              to get involved who are usually absent from the
              political process. We need a true populist movement
              to overcome the gridlock of corruption that our
              government has become ga
<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      Clinton= Quayle??? how do you manage that???
<[Brian] B.SUTTON1>      So where do we send our $100?
<[T0M] T.PARRY1>      ditto COMAlite...
<R.SINGER4>          Actually, what happens is that the media are
              spending their time covering the accusations, and
              not th e90‑95% of speeches with comments about real
              issues. Look to the press for their lousy coverage.
<B.BOHN>          call the infamous 800 # to find details
<R.SINGER4>          Call 1‑800‑426‑1112 and they will give you full
              details on contributing to the cause.
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  More free advertising via GE (NBC News and GEnie)
<[T0M] T.PARRY1>      Qualye: Less‑than‑wallflower wife. Skipped 'nam
              "legitmately." Plays golf at whites‑only courses.
              Clinton. Period.
<J.JADERBERG>          Jerry Browns's position on the 100$ contributions
              seems a bit duplicitus when you consider his earlier
              views. How would he aproach this matter if elected
<C.FINK6>          I know it is not customary to accept that one's
              candidate will not win nomination, but assuming this
              is the case, what role does Mr. Brown see for
              himself? Will he feel or be alienated by party
              regulars whatever the outcome of the primary?
<[David Dean] K.DEAN11>      who would serve in leadership. THANK YOU JERRY
              THOUGH IT WAS A LONG WAIT and a short run in the end
              ......IT HAPPENED. ..... It will happen more and
              more, I hope.
<[Bob] R.GARBER3>      I am sick of our so called representatives voting
              THEIR OPINIONS and not really the opinions of the
              people the supposedly represent...
<KVSTEPHENS>          thanks for being here, Lisa and Russ (and Fred ‑‑
              and other keyboard sharers)
<[John] J.GRANT1>      Thanks Russ & Lisa! (clap clap :)
<[teressa] T.GETZ>      cheers! applause!
<[David Dean] K.DEAN11>      Thanks Russ and gang.
<SHERRY>          YAY, RUSS et al!
<[Tom‑PF sysop] SHERMAN>  clap clap clap clap clap clap
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      Thanks, Russ & Co!
<KVSTEPHENS>          ::: WILD APPLAUSE ::::
<[Wax Wayne] D.ROGERS29>  Thanks. (Everyone's at my door begging me to get out
              of here anyway. ;)
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4>  Nice meeting you all... I hope you'll all appreciate
              Lisa (actually, both Lisa's ‑ ) since I'll be out of
              the country for two weeks starting Wednesday... Russ
<[Psion] M.DELUCAII1>      Hey, they're getting more applause than the
              candidate...maybe we should...nah.
<[COMALite J] J.REA1>      ** is giving <[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4> a standing
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4>  I am actually "Fred" as well as lisa ‑ my feeble
              attempt to avoid confusion with the other lisa ‑ hey
              Psion, we like it (g)! ga
<[Russ/Lisa/Li] R.SINGER4>  ** has left.

 In this transcript,<BROWN.92>is Gov. Brown at his New York campaign office, 
 and <[Russ] R.SINGER4> is Russ Singer Lisa Fredsti, Lisa Pease, Tom Pier,
 Erik Bucy and other Brown staffers at Santa Monica headquarters.

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 |   46 San francisco,CA    1   N [Colorado Jax] JAX
 |   47 Baldwin,MD          1   N [Joe] J.ROWAN1
 |   48 Germantown,MD       1   N [Vixen] N.MILLMAN2
 |   49 Longview,TX         1   N G.KNIGHT6
 |   50 Louisville,KY       1   N [Steve Mills] S.MILLS18
 |   51 Washington,DC       1   N JUDY.S
 |   52 Bloomington,MN      1   N [JEFF!] M.ANDREWS11
 |   53 Silver spring,MD    1   N [Dave] DRICE
 |   54 Vida,OR             1   N MODEM.MOM
 |   55 Berkeley,CA         1   N F.MOORE7
 |   56 Syracuse,NY         1   N R.GRATRIX
 |   57 Medford,NJ          1   N JOE.WEBB
 |   58 Sonora,CA           1   N M.BRADY5
 |   59 Elgin,IL            1   N [Ben Burch] D.BURCH
 |   60 Lafayette,CA        1   N C.L.ROBERTS
 |   61 Norfolk,VA          1   N [Luis Melgoza] USI
 |   62 Palatine,IL         1   N [Uni] BW.UNICORN
 |   63 Pittsburgh,PA       1   N [Rich] R.DANGELO1
 |   64 Tucson,AZ           1   N D.BRUCE6
 |   65 Rockville,MD        1   N [Howard] HORO
 |   66 Denver,CO           1   N [Scott Mohnke] S.MOHNKERN1
 |   67 Orlando,FL          1   N P.VINCENT3
 |   68 Santa barbara,CA    1   N [David] FAIRWEATHER
 |   69 Washington,DC       1   N R.CIVILLE
 |   70 Bronx,NY            1   N D.SMITH145
 |   71 Nowhere,MD          1   N KVSTEPHENS
 |   72 Los osos,CA         1   N [Archangel] J.HEINEN
 |   73 Norristown,PA       1   N T.LLEBISH
 |   74 Woodside,NY         1   N KIWI‑GRAHAM
 |   75 Madison,WI          1   N [Lower Taxes!] S.LEWIS12
 |   76 Deer park,NY        1   N [[Jay] CALNY] CALNY
 |   77 Miami,FL            1   N [Rick] R.MUNARRIZ
 |   78 Paramount,CA        1   N [Richard] R.PUCKETT3
 |   79 North brunswic,NJ   1   N LAURA.KOZMA
 |   80 Dix hills,NY        1   N [Griffin] GRIFFSTER
 |   81 Universal city,TX   1   N K.MILLER69
 |   82 Springdale,OH       1   N [Ariel] MJBENZAKEIN
 |   83 Chireno,TX          1   N [Sarah] SARAH‑C
 |   84 Denver,CO           1   N [Carolyn] C.STEIN1
 |   85 Austin,TX           1   N [Patrick] P.CRUMHORN
 |   87 Cincinnati,OH       1   N JOE.STONER
 |   88 San francisco,CA    1   N M.BASTEN
 |   89 Stamford,CT         1   N M.KWESKIN
 |   90 Washington,DC       1   N E.BAIG
 |   91 Southfield,MI       1   N K.GRANT2
 |   92 Poolesville,MD      1   N B.BAUER6
 |   93 Plymouth,MN         1   N [Steve] CRASH.COURSE
 |   94 San dimas,CA        1   N [Mark] M.FERNANDEZ
 |   95 Greenfield,MA       1   N SCOTT
 |   96 Highland parlk,IL   1   N PEREGRINE
 |   97 Keene,NH            1   N [Carolyn] P.SSTOLZENBU
 |   98 Helmetta,NJ         1   N TMARKOWSKI
 |   99 Lansing,MI          1   N B.ROTH1
 |  100 Los angleleles,CA   1   N P.HAY
 |  101 Gaithersburg,MD     1   N J.BARBEE
 |  102 San francisco,CA    1   N NEWSBYTES
 |  103 Bay shore,NY        1   N E.HUBBARD1
 |  104 Tacoma,WA           1   N [Paul&Doug] P.HENRY
 |  105 Watertown,CT        1   N [Joe] J.LABECK2
 |  106 Valparaiso,IN       1   N [Barb] B.WIGGINS
 |  107 Atco,NJ             1   N R.TRATZ
 |  108 Chicago,IL          1   N A.REYNOLDS1
 |  109 Yonkers,NY          1   N [!] Tony [!] A.DIRUGGIER1
 |  110 Kingston,TN         1   N [Donn] D.KING28
 |  111 Merced,CA           1   N [alan] A.RANKIN
 |  112 Golden,CO           1   N [JEANNENE] M.BYBEE2
 |  113 Elmhurst,IL         1   N L.TRAVIS2
 |  114 Glendale,CA         1   N [Gerry] ARTIST
 |  115 Morton,PA           1   N [Kyle] K.BARGER1
 |  116 Walla walla,WA      1   N J.RUSSELL41
 |  117 Rockville,MD        1   N PRESS26
 |  118 West chester,PA     1   N SYNTACTICS
 |  119 West lafayette,IN   1   N J.SPENCE7
 |  120 Los alamitos,CA     1   N [Pam] P.BEECH
 |  121 Hillsboro,OR        1   N J.RICHTER
 |  122 Fair oaks,CA        1   N [Will] W.LEWIS9
 |  123 Van nuys,CA         1   N LEE.VAN.NUYS
 |  124 Memphis,TN          1   N [Lex] C.COUGAR
 |  125 Waco,TX             1   N [Eric Stone] E.STONE4
 |  126 Charlotte,NC        1   N M.HERMAN9
 |  127 Astoria,NY          1   N B.KRUSCH
 |  128 Shreveport,LA       1   N [COMALite J] J.REA1
 |  129 Clovis,CA           1   N B.DRAGO
 |  130 Wallington,NJ       1   N N.BLY
 |  131 Morgantown,PA       1   N M.YOUNDT
 |  132 Clearwater,FL       1   N D.ROHNER
 |  133 Pittsburgh,PA       1   N [Mike & Jon] J.ORRIS
 |  134 Memphis,TN          1   N M.DAVIS34
 |  135 Gainesville,FL      1   N L.FAUST2
 |  136 Rye,NY              1   N [we are every] C.YEAGER
 |  137 Santa cruz,CA       1   N [kzm] K.MCPHERSON4
 |  138 Arlington,VA        1   N [Dave] D.CONNER5
 |  140 Tinley park,IL      1   N [Dave] D.REINERI
 |  141 Lexington,KY        1   N P.LEE16
 |  142 Teaneck,NJ          1   N B.BLANK3
 |  143 Indianapolis,IN     1   N K.GRAMES
 |  144 Peoria,IL           1   N [Dave] D.JACOBS14
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 |  147 Marysville,WA       1   N EVERSOFT
 |  148 Santa ana,CA        1   N [Steve O.] S.MARCZESKI1
 |  149 Van etten,NY        1   N J.LOOMIS
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Transcript of May 13th CompuServe conference.

This is a transcript from May 13th, when Jerry Brown took questions live from CompuServe participants.
Jerry Brown Conference ‑ CompuServe Convention Center

Moderator:  Georgia Griffith
Co‑Moderator:  Alex Krislov

(Skipped questions were incomplete or not asked when the person was called upon)

[Transcript started at 17:01:13 EDT Wednesday, May 13, 1992]

(#7,Georgia G.) This is a moderated conference.  Before the Governor arrives Russ Singer from his campaign staff will respond to questions.  To submit a question, type /QUESTION.  Then, please use the /BUFFER EDIT command, type in your question, close the buffer with /EXIT and wait to be recognized by the moderator.  When you are recognized, transmit your question with the /BUFFER SEND command.  When the Governor arrives, we'll leave the open questions, and I'll ask him questions that you all submitted ahead of time to me (he has not seen these).  Governor Brown has a pressing engagement later at The Ohio State University, but he will answer as many questions as possible.  After he leaves, Russ Singer will remain to respond to more of your questions.  Now, I'd like to welcome Russ to the Convention Center. Russ?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Greetings from sunny Santa Monica, on the western fringe of LA riot area.  We've finally gotten back to the political campaign after having converted campaign HQ to a depot for supplies and volunteers from the relief effort. Russ and Lisa here ‑ we've been on the Campaign '92 forum all along ‑ to answer questions while we're waiting for the Governor to arrive. We will also have Jodie Evans, the campaign manager, and Ileana Wachtel, the Governor's press secretary, looking over our shoulders on occasion during the conference.  Governor Brown and the campaign feel that the on‑line community is an important example of the use of modern communications technology.  As part of our outreach campaign, we are proud to be the first major campaign to make use of that technology to bring our message to people directly without the filters of the media.  Questions...   ga

% Moderator recognizes question #1
Michael Paquale (47)

(#47,Michael Paquale) what is what do you think about the free trade agreement between Canada and the US. ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) The Canadian agreement is not nearly the problem that the current negotiations are posing.  Canada is a high wage country with concern for the environment that often exceeds ours.  The problem faced with NAFTA is the control of the "fast track" process by industry looking for a quick buck taking advantage of cheap labor and lax environmental enforcement. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #2
Josh Marcus (13)

(#2,Josh Marcus) Considering Clinton's large delegate lead and continued primary wins, is Brown still aiming for the democratic candidacy or is he now trying to send a message by his campaign? ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Both.  Obviously we are still running hard for the nomination, which is still possible if we head into an open convention.  But what is most important is the need to return the Democratic Party to the principles on which it is based, and that is what this campaign is all about.  We started with that purpose in mind, and we will continue for as long as it takes. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #3
Sean P. Aune (23)

(#23,Sean P. Aune) What is Mr. Browns feelings on keeping favored nation status with Japan? ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Japan Bashing is a useless, racially based argument being used to cover the true problems ‑ American industry has lost its ability to plan long term, and, in the search for quick profits has shortchanged us all. Britain and the Netherlands have more invested in America than Japan.  We need to compete with Japan by revitalizing our industry, not by having the government intervene in behalf of the fat cats who got us in trouble to begin with. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #5
Glen Galaich (29)

(#29, Glen Galaich) What is the real Who benefits most from a flat tax plan ‑ the rich or the poor? ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) The whole purpose of the plan was to put more of the burden of supporting the government on the shoulders of those who can best afford it.  The answer lies in the shift back to having corporations provide their fair share of the tax revenues. By eliminating favorite dodges and loopholes like depreciation on real estate investments, tax free bond interest earnings, and others, the burden would fall mainly on those who can afford the types of investments that recieve tax goodies in the current system.  We are hoping to get some statements by Dr. Robert Pollin, economist and professor, and spokesman for the Brown economic platform, uploaded into the library.  When that happens, we hope to have him here in conference as well... ga

% Moderator recognizes question #6
Doug Schomaker (40)

(#40,Doug Schomaker) what is Jerry Browns position on the Free Trade Agreement with Mexico ?
(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) We've already commented on that, but again, Governor Brown opposes the current fast track negotiations.  We are sacrificing the well‑being of our work force, who have had no voice in this agreement, and the well‑being of our environment, by allowing greedy special interests to set the economic agenda. However we favor the establishment of a common market along European lines that will protect our wage standards and

% Moderator recognizes question #7
Daniel J Tudor (20)

(#20,Daniel J Tudor) What does EGB propose in the way of congressional/executive branch reform?  ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) The format of Congressional committees, etc. is not in the jurisdiction of the executive.  However, he is supporting term limits, campaign reform on a massive scale...  in the executive, he is looking for more innovation and input, and a scale down of the bureaucracy.  Specifically, he has mentioned eliminating the Dept. of Education and distributing that money directly to the local school districts.  Eliminating restrictions on other grants would also cut the red tape that is strangling many government programs. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #8
Steve Farley (6)

(#6,Steve Farley) I have read reports that the Governor is being pressured by family members to tone down his campaign in order to avoid hurting his sister Kathleen's politic future. Has the GOvernor responded to this? We haven't heard much from him in SF recently; in fact, I have been unable to get the SF office to send me literature or respond to my offers to volunteer. Is he taking a low profile in CA for his family's sake at the cost of us supporters?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) We suspect your inability to contact the SF office is more due to their overwhelming workload than any deliberate oversight.  We have opened a California campaign office here in LA ‑ the number is (213) 467‑1992.  Governor Brown has an active campaign schedule here in California ‑ but since we are once again in the  "black hole of media anonymity," you aren't hearing that much about it.  Kathleen Brown has been an active supporter of Jerry's efforts and has made speeches for the campaign, as have his father, former Gov. Pat Brown, and his mother

% Moderator recognizes question #9
Alice Hansen in SF (58)

(#58,Alice Hansen in SF) What is the candidate's position on interstate banking, and such banks like BofA moving toward that end?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) There has been a problem with banking in this country, and further deregulation is not going to solve it.  The crisis was caused by big money interests corrupting what used to be a local, mom and pop industry. The growth of banks can be viewed as they draw their deposits, and their record which is coming out in light of the LA riots of discrimination in lending and supporting projects in the inner cities. While we have not seen a direct answer to the interstate banking question, the entire area of bank regulation needs to be addressed as an early priority in the new administration.  ga

% Moderator recognizes question #10
Chris Anton (33)

(#33,Chris Anton) Would Gov. Brown support business tax incentives to help get US corporations back into long term R & D, and to promote changing over to TQM techniques of management?  ga
(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Governor Brown supports incentives for R&D, including direct government involvement in strategic efforts to develop new technology for transportation, communication, environmental protection, alternative energy, and medical research.  Tax incentives are a reflection of the current, horrendous tax code.  The Flat Tax would eliminate the need for such special interest incentives.  Brown favors the use of expenditure programs for supporting efforts like R&D rather than further confusing the tax functions of government.  ga

% Moderator recognizes question #11
Josh Marcus (13)

(#13,Josh Marcus) Two quick quesitons. First, I've noticed quite a few Brown commercials on MTV during the last number of weeks. Is the Brown campaign targeting the support

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) First ‑ the MTV ads are locally placed on a cable system by cable system basis.  National MTV does not want to accept those ads.

% Moderator recognizes question #12

(#60,GAIL RAHN) how does governor brown feel about the state of higher education in america, (specifically affirmative action on college campuses and its so‑called "reverse discrimination", the availability of federal loans and grants, and the accessibility of quality higher education for all americans? how does governor brown feel about the state of higher education in america, specifically affirmative action on college campuses and it so‑called "reverse discrimination", the availability of federal loans and grants, and the accessibility of quality higher education for all? ga.

(#11,Alex Krislov) Russ, if I may interrupt, I gather that the governor is now here, online...Might we allow him to join us? ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) The staste of higher education is suffering because of cutbacks and the increasing reliance on loans‑‑putting students into a debtor class. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Governor, I'd like to welcome you to CompuServe. You certainly jump right into the COnference with aplomb! Would you like to make an opening statement.. or shall I go directly to some questions we've...gathered from the participants? ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Yes. Politics is being taken over by big money and the result is a de facto one party system  undermining real democracy. Jobs are exported and wages depressed because of the power of multinational companies who influence the president and congress to the detriment of the nation. This is what our we the people camaign is all about. At the end of the cold  war, we should be entering a rebirth of our revolutionary origins‑‑investing in our cities  our environment and our imagination. Insgtead, the power of  the few to corrupt the system has increased inequlity, spread injustice and weakened our position in the world. People have to take back their country from the top 1% who now own more than 90% of the rest of America. This is the purpose of our campaign: to enaBLE ordinary citizen to organize and offset the growing influence on both parties of concentrated wealth and power. Please join‑‑call the 800 number and be a part of taking bacvk America, instead of watching decline. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Thank you, Governor‑‑and I believe you can give the whole 800 number here, by the way.  Allow me to upload a question now.... Kerry McGee has this question...Mr. Brown, you said that you are in favor of a flat‑tax to replace the current system.  I believe that your tax plan is revenue neutral.  How would it improve the number one problem, the deficit? To which Glen de Shaw adds this challenge‑‑"Isn't this tax reform plan simply a tax break for the wealthy?"  Could you address these concerns, Governor? ga

 (#3,JERRY BROWN) The flat tax would only be 6 or 7 % for low income people because of the rental deduction. In addition, our plan calls for rebates that would keep the tax very low for moderate income people. Besides, our proposal is a substitute for the existing payrole tax which is a total of 15.3% of all income up to 53,000, no deductions. Moreover, it is intended to be a part of a National Health care plan and a social policy that would raise waGes and stop the export of jobs to Mexico and other countries. In other word, the tax plan is to simplify the code, increase investment and generate new wealth, i.e. jobs and better wages. The rest of the plan is to create a social contract whereby Ameri ca commits itself to a full employment economy and the living family wage. You see, lower tax rates to generate wealth, and social and economic policy as they have in Germany to insure real justice for all citizens. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Alex F. Gacic has a question about the media.. he feels that it's done a poor job of telling us about you and your programs (and I must agree), and he wonders.. if you have any thoughts on "fixing" such a problem. ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) I would rather get some suggestions from those on the system. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Well tell them to send them to you via CIS mail!....The next question came from Doug Pratt...he'd like to know how you feel about the space program...and whether you think it should be strengthened. ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Yes. As part of the conversion from excess cold war military spending, space programs for environment, exploration, and human presence, all have an important role. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) thanks.  We now have one from Mauricio Aguirre‑orcutt, who asks..."What do you think about free trade with Mexico?...And what will you do about unemployment here inthe US?"ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Against the treaty as it is now going. Why? Because it does not demand a living family wage, health and safety standards and strong environmental protection. America cannot compete with 52 cents per hour jobs below the border  We must insure jobs for our country‑‑a community where business and workers and government all are bound to create a living and decent working environment. The trade treaty operates now on the principle that so called efficiency is obtained by going south for sub‑human wages and leaving American communities devastated. That is not my idea of social justice. ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Nicely put, sir.  I have one now from Robert S. Highsmith, who opines that the current system of nominating works for very boring nominees, while working against "more lively" possibilities like yourself. How has this happenend, in your view...?
(#11,Alex Krislov) And how may we fix it? ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) So what else is new? It is the money and the decay of the party, the neighborhoods and the trade unions. What is needed is a new form of political organization that can cope with and take advantage of the global nature of the economey and the power and pervasive presence of the mass media. The 800 number is a new way of coping with the problem.  ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Thank you, Governor.  Here's a question SEVERAL people sent in. How do you feel about the possibility of a Perot run?  Will it affect your candidacy? And yould you consider running with him? (Over or under) ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Too soon to tell yet. no.  ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Succinct and to the point.  Okay...Marianne Churchill asks how you feel about the current "drawdown" on the military and how might you use the defense budget? ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Military budget must be cut in half over 5 years. But first a comprehensive conversion plan of action is needed. For example, a major high speed rail program for U.S. There are many other goals that could substitute for the role which  military spending plays in our economy. The folks in Washington are not doing much on this score.  ga

(#11,Alex Krislov) Governor, I'm told a member of the press has a question to ask directly. our chief sysop will allow him in.  Georgia? ga

(#46,Vindu Goel) Governor, Ross Perot has espoused the same "take back the country" theme that you have outlined. Why is he doing so well in the polls when you have dropped back?

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Ross has not yet gone through your media meatgrinder. Just wait, Besides he has a billion which counts for a lot of credibility in this country. ga

(#54,Press) Because the nominees are all but decided by the time the primary election reaches es Ohio many voters feel they have no impact. Should changes be made to the primary system?

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Yes, get ride of Super Tuesday. More to the point, there should be a good mix of primaries and caucuses‑‑free tv, all would help. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #14
  Phil Kalina (44)

(#44,Phil Kalina) How can we win this campaign???  ga

(#3,JERRY BROWN) The campaign is to transform American politics so that democratic participation and control are real again. We  win by practicing what we are preaching. Getting delegates with the money of the entrecnched elite does nothing to achieve the goals of the party or even of the candidates. That is why we continue to speak the truth, invite Americans to join us in the crusade to take back our country from those forces which are subverting our system.  ga

(#44,Phil Kalina) But we want to put someone competent in the White House too!

(#46,Vindu Goel) Is computer communication the new 'retail politics,' where you can bypass the press and talk directly to voters?

(#3,JERRY BROWN) In some ways it is. But many tools will be needed to transform the system. The key is not to be fooled by the illusion of choice, to take literally the empty statements which are paid for by the top 1% and which have no power to set America on a course of economic justice and environmental sustainability. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #16
    Marc Perkel (8)

(#8,Marc Perkel) I'm a small taxed to death businessman. I'm not  happy with politicians who want to tax me like I'm some golden sow. I resent the idea of "Let business pay all the taxes." Business doesn't pay taxes, people do. But with the 13% flat rate, business owners like myself pay twice where lawyers like youself don't. What about us? GA

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Could you clarify your question? ga

(#8,Marc Perkel) yes, every one wants to tax business and get bisiness owners to pay for medical insurance. I can't afford medical insurance for my own family but Uncle Sam wants me to buy it for my employees. GA

(#3,JERRY BROWN) That is why the "pay or play" plan of Clinton is flawed. I support a Canadian style plan which would put everyone in the same system and really cut the costs. Business would not be singled out as the source of financing. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #17
   Mike (23)

(#23,Mike) In terms of what's happening at the Rio summit, and Bush's insistence on the lack of timetables in the phasing out of checmicals that contribute to global warming, what do you see as a viable timetable for this? Along the same lines, where does money for alternative energy research, substitutes for poluuting chemicals, etc. come from, and under what auspices is this research done? GA

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Real clear: reduce co2 to 1990 levels as soon as possible. With  good will, we should be able to set a specific date. Moving away from fossil fuels is good for many reasons and our pres ought to get with it. ga The feds ought to support more alternative energy research. Look how much r & d has been done for nuclear. Basically, we need a national goal, a commitment to cutting energy consumption in half and moving to renewables. If programed right, we will save money, create jobs and protect the environment and develp good export products and technologies for the future. If we sit on our hands, other countries will continue to outpace us in this field. ga

% Moderator recognizes question #19
  Joe Balsamo (42)

(#42,Joe Balsamo) Govn Brown, would you support the release of supposed secret US docs concerning UFOS? Also, do you support the national computer network? thankyou, GA

(#3,JERRY BROWN) yes...but where are they? ga

% Moderator recognizes question #20
   Francis Ojeda (36)

(#36,Francis Ojeda) Greetings, Gov. Brown. I am baffled, I'm afraid at the fact that you say you want to clean out the system yet you are trying to get the Democratic nomination.  Now, surely you don't think the DEMS in Congress have YOUR agen in mind..  Why not go directly to the people (independent candidacy) instead of trying to get these (sorry) buffoons, who don't like you, to "support" you?  Which is, I think, impossible. ga

(#7,Georgia G.) Brown is doing a live TV blurb. He will answer soon.

(#11,Alex Krislov) Russ‑‑could you fill in while the Governor is busy with the television folks?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) I can try, but I think Francis' question is excellent and I can't speak for the Governor on that one...

(#3,JERRY BROWN) Time is up. We must move on to our next speech. Thakns. Keep fighting for the cause....

(#36,Francis Ojeda) Oh, darn.

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Thanks for being here, Governor!

(#11,Alex Krislov) Governor‑‑I'm sorry you didn't have more time. It's been most enjoyable.  Thanks very much for coming! ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Well, we can take questions for a little while longer here in the Campaign HQ if anyone wants.

(#11,Alex Krislov) (Quick, repeat the 800 number again.) ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) 1‑800‑426‑1112

(#25,Pat Phelps) Russ: please continue

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Ok.  Lisa and I are here on line ready for questions.  AS to Francis' last question all I can say is that many of us in the campaign are also disgusted with some of the leadership of the Democratic party. However, one man alone cannot change the government. The way the party system works, having support of a majority of the members of Congress for the president of the party would be a major advantage in getting things done...  I think that's a major problem a Perot would face if he were to be elected. ga

(#36,Francis Ojeda) Can you describe the difference between Jerry's social policy and that of the other liberals? Obviously, tax‑the‑rich schemes to subsidize homelessness doesn't work.  Is his plan any different?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Yes.  First, we create urban enterprise zones‑ this is an idea that has found favor among...


(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) ...we have a free market model for education now, and it's been a disaster!  We're returning to the mode of 19th century paternalism, where the government stops taking any responsibility and gives it over to charity ‑ the amount given by charity to schools last year doesn't even equal the amount cut from the budget by the Feds for the state of Mass.  I suggest an excellent book by Jonathon Kozol, Savage INequalities.  Read it and weep.   If you want to discuss school choice further, I suggest you start a topic in the Brown area of the Campaign '92 forum.  Lisa is our expert in the area.  She will discuss it in detail there.

(#31,John Purins) Russ & Lisa: I'm glad Governor Brown was here on CIS and I hope the ad in the announcement section of the classifieds on CIS is doing you some good!

(#22,David L.) Russ ‑ you mean you like Mark and Brian better?, seriously, Gov. Brown ignored Stern's large support of his campaign

(#13,Josh Marcus) Do you know what Brown's favorite book is?

(#14,RON ADAMS) ?

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) As to Howard Stern...  I don't think Brown ignored his support.

(#22,David L.) Probably Linda Rondstats book of lyrics

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) some staffers were upset with the graphic nature of some of Stern's comments.  And there was a scheduling screwup so we missed a live appearance on the show.

(#13,Josh Marcus) (I figured I might as well use this chance to ask .. little questions.)

(#13,Josh Marcus) heh, David

(#22,David L.) ok, thank you, Russ ga

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) We look forward to debating all of you on the Campaign '92 forum.  I'll be in D.C. for the weekend but Lisa will carry on as only she can while I'm gone<g>

(#31,John Purins) Federal, state and local governments have evolved into such inept, distant and labyrinthine structures that they have no relevance in the lives of most people. Governments are

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Uh oh, I'm in trouble now....  :)

(#13,Josh Marcus) It's been a pleasure; thanks

(#4,Russ&Lisa BFP) Well, folks, time to hit the LA rush hour traffic and wish that Jerry was still governor so we'd have a choice of transportation alternatives.  See ya!!!  Russ and Lisa

(#22,David L.) Russ ‑ if Jerry was still governer, we'd be driving a horse and buggy

(#13,Josh Marcus) bbye!

[Transcript terminated at 19:43:01 EDT]