Kerrey for President, Inc.

1511 "K" Street N.W., #640
Washington, DC 20005

Tad Devine  campaign director.
In the staff shake-up just before Christmas, Devine replaced Sue Casey as the person in charge of the day to day management of the campaign.  He had worked in the Carter, Mondale and Dukakis campaigns in increasingly senior roles, and in the fall of 1988 managed Lloyd Bentsen's vice presidential campaign.

Billy Shore  chief traveling aide (and campaign co-chairman).
Shore was the man always by Kerrey's side on the campaign trail.  A long-time Gary Hart loyalist and aide, Shore had founded S.O.S. (Share Our Strength), an innovative hunger relief organization.

Mike McCurry  communications director.
Known for his easy rapport with the press, McCurry had a wealth of Capitol Hill and presidential campaign experience.  He was press secretary for John Glenn's 1984 bid and for Bruce Babbitt's 1988 bid and had also worked as communications director of the Democratic National Committee. 

Larry Harrington  senior political adviser.
Harrington came out of Tennessee Democratic politics and served as second in command when Devine was away.

Steve Jarding  national press secretary.
Jarding, who moved to the campaign from his position as Kerrey's Senate press secretary, was a strong, "100-percent" Kerrey loyalist.
Sue Casey  campaign manager until the December shake-up.
Casey drew criticism because she split her time between the campaign and her family in Denver.  She managed Gary Hart's '84 New Hampshire victory and was a leader of Hart's 1988 campaign.

Bill Hoppner  campaign chairman, his role was much diminished after the shake-up. 
Hoppner was an old Nebraska Democratic political hand; he came very close to winning the party's nomination for governor in 1990.  However, he had never worked in a national campaign.

and the consultants:
Harrison Hickman  pollster.
Hickman, long-time Kerrey pollster, earned the sobriquet "Harrison Hitman" with a clumsy maneuver right before the New Hampshire primary.  He was temporarily "suspended" from the campaign.

Joe Rothstein  media consultant.
Kerrey's long-time consultant produced quite a bit of footage done in cinema verite style, but none of it aired.  He was dumped after the shake-up and replaced by:

David Doak and Robert Shrum  media consultants.
Doak and Shrum had no history with Kerrey and did not have time to get to know him.  Their ads for Kerrey were criticized as being weak and "recycled Gephardt."

Malchow & Company  direct mail fundraising.
Reflecting the difficulties in the campaign, Kerrey's direct mail produced meager results.