The Brown Ad Campaign

The Brown campaign started off with a half-hour documercial produced by Santa Monica-based Sidney Galanty.  Through New Hampshire, television advertising comprised a small part of Brown's communication effort.  Campaign manager Jodie Evans would have liked to have done no TV spots, but as a "practical idealist" she realized that the campaign had to run ads occasionally.  In March, the campaign brought in Joe Trippi of Trippi, McMahon & Squier, and he produced about half a dozen low-budget 30-second spots.  The most ubiquitous was the "Care" spot, which ran in ten states.  "Care" opened with a still image of Brown holding a dying man in India, making the point that Brown "really cares about helping people."  An ad aimed at the union audience in Michigan opposed the fast track for NAFTA.  Other ads attacked Clinton for being slick and an insider.  A number of people associated with the campaign sought to try their hand at producing ads, without authorization.  Evans said she generally was able to contain these rogue elements.

"We The People" documercial (produced by Sidney Galanty)
"Take Back America" (NH) >

Spots by Joe Trippi (post-New Hampshire)
"Said More"
"Fast Track" (MI) >
"Slick" >
"Honest" >
"Flat Tax"
"Press" and "Ranked"
"Make History"
"Care Independence"

Other Brown Spots
title? >
"Real Change" (CO) >
"Archie and Meathead" (NY) >