Brown for President

2121 Cloverfield Blvd., Suite 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

926 Beechwood St.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Jodie Evans (37)  campaign manager.
Evans had been an associate of Brown for about twenty years.  She had worked on Brown's campaigns, served as director of administration during his second term and run his 1982 Senate campaign.  Evans had significant grassroots fundraising experience in Brown's earlier campaigns and was a strong advocate of the $100 contribution limit.  She had three main deputies, Joe Costello, Bob Corn and Jeff Ely.

Joe Costello  media strategist.
Costello came up with the idea for the Independence Hall announcement speech.  He strongly championed the 800-# throughout the campaign.  Costello also worked with Sid Galanty, who produced the campaign's 30-minute documercial.

Bob Corn and Jeff Ely.
Corn and Ely worked through the system to make sure that Brown met the different states' ballot requirements.  They ran the 800-# and telemarketing and oversaw the making of the campaign's few commercials.

Jacques Barzhagi (53)  friend and aide-de-camp. 
A colorful French-born associate of Brown's for over twenty years, Barzhagi assisted and advised Brown on a daily basis during the campaign.

Patrick Caddell (41)  unofficial strategist.
Caddell helped write much of Brown's announcement speech and identified many of the themes that Brown used in the campaign.  He also helped with the December 15 debate on NBC and was active following the Connecticut primary win.  A pollster, Caddell had previous experience with outsider campaigns; indeed he was something of a "professional outsider."  He played an important role in electing Jimmy Carter in 1976, helped with the "New Ideas" that almost won Gary Hart the Democratic nomination in 1984 and was involved in Joe Biden's short bid for the 1988 nomination.  Around 1987 he took himself out of professional politics.